Tafsia Shikdar is a Material Science and Engineer Major at MIT who signed up for Weight Training with her roommate. They both wanted to get stronger, but the weight room felt too intimidating for either of them to comfortably workout. The class provided instruction of proper weight training techniques, including those that involve free weights and resistance machines. Tafsia mentioned the hardest challenge of the class for her was the pull-up exercise using rubber band for assistance. “You had to force yourself through each one until you just couldn’t do anymore,” said Tafsia. Her roommate even got caught in the rubber band attempting to complete a pull-up! They both got a great laugh when the instructor mentioned they were using the wrong band size for the exercise. “It’s fun while you’re taking it (the class).”

At the end of the weight training course, Tafsia discovered that going to the weight room was not actually that hard. She mentioned the course really pushed her to the limit, challenging her comfort zone. This course allowed her to gain a new skill and become a better, stronger version of herself!

After completing the course, Tafsia found herself regularly visiting the Z-Center after classes. She continued to use exercises and workout programs from the weight training course. Tafsia said, “[The class] definitely improves your confidence in being able to walk into a gym surrounded by all these fit people and just being able to get on with your own workout!” She emphasized that even in such a short period of time like a six week quarter, you see many improvements in yourself.

Her advice to any student interested in taking the course – “Just do it!” Tafsia also highlighted that the MIT Physical Education and Wellness courses were great for learning a new skill and feeling a little stress relief.