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Wellness Wizard Certificate

The MIT Wellness Wizard Certificate is designed to recognize students who have chosen to focus on strengthening their powers of wellbeing, practicing special skills to optimize both performance *and* wellness, becoming a mindful master at MIT and beyond!

Are you ready to be inducted as an MIT Wellness Wizard?
The Certificate became available in the Fall of 2022. Students who have completed any 3 different wellness courses should send an email to with name and MIT ID number once grades are posted for all 3 different wellness courses. Check PE&W history after each quarter.

What will Wizards receive?
MIT Wellness Wizards will receive a frame-worthy certificate and special swag designed by students to celebrate their achievement of honing the force of self-awareness and mastering MIT wellness wizardry! 

The MIT Wellness Wizard Certificate is only made available to MIT students and is an incentive for undergraduate students to complete their Physical Education & Wellness General Institute Requirement. 

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Wellness Wizard logos & artwork created by Cristian Martinez-Herrera, ’23

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